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Sega Master System is Sega's 2nd Console and was a part of the Third Console Generation. It was originally called Sega Mark III when it was released in Japan in 1985, when it got released in America in 1986, in Europe in 1987 and rereleased in Japan in 1987 it got renamed to Sega Master System with a new design (Model 1 & 2).

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Sega master system mk1.

I own multiple sega master systems , all great condition but in a postion where i can only keep one. My spanish bought model is the best condition but am concerned a uk power adapter will blow it.

Living in the uk will my spanish bought sega master system be safe using a uk version psu?

Thanks in advance.

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@danny79 yes it will . All of them use the same DC in. You just have to make sure that you have the right AC adapter for your outlet and the right voltage for the SMS.

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