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Guides and repair information for washing machines produced by Bosch, a German engineering and technology company.

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Leak from bottom front of Bosch washing machine

When the jets in the soap dispenser spray into the soap dispenser at the start of a cycle, the water which is going down the pipe from the bottom left of the dispenser hole is leaking.

I can clearly see that the pipe which sits underneath the dispenser tray which I think is supposed to take the majority of the excess water away, is not sitting flush with the hole it sits under. I can move the the pipe so it sits underneath quite easily, but each wash the vibrations seem to shift the pipe so that there is a gap for water to escape again.

My questions are:

  1. is there some way that the top of this pipe is supposed to seal or clip around the bottom of the tray to prevent it moving sideways out of place?
  2. if this keeps happening but I can’t see any issue hole or rip in the pipe, will replacing the pipe help with the seal?

Any help would be hugely appreciated.

My issue is not with the dispenser drawer or blockages or high water pressure as most sites seem to call the most common problem


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Hi @simieski ,

What is the model number of your washer?


@jayeff it’s a Bosch Exxcel WAQ283S0GB


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Hi @simieski ,

Here’s a link to all the hose, tube and clamp parts for your washer. (there are 2 pages, click on 2 at the bottom of the first page to view more parts)

You may be able to find the hose/tube that you are asking about and check if yours matches the image or if there is something different between the two

There are also several clamps mentioned albeit some without images.

If you find the correct hose or tube perhaps you could contact the part supplier and ask if it is clamped on.

The image of the bottom of the dispenser tray shows two outlets without a barbed end so presumably if something is attached to them it may have to be clamped on.

Sorry I can’t be of much help on this one.

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