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Das 15" MacBook Pro, Modell A1989, kam im Juli 2018 auf den Markt. Es ist ausgestattet mit einem 15,4" LED hintergrundbeleuchtetem Display mit True Tone Technologie, TouchID und bis zu einem 6 Core i9 Prozessor.

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My MacBook Pro died, how can I retrieve the data in the hard drive?

My 2018 Macbook Pro died recently. It does not power on anymore. The apple store said something was faulty with the motherboard. Apparently the hard drive itself is totally fine.

I want to retrieve the data that still exists on the hard drive embedded to the faulty motherboard. Is there a way to retrieve the data from this hard drive even if the macbook does not turn on? I don’t mind spending some money if I have to.

I don't mind opening up the laptop and physically attempting to remove the hard drive if necessary. Just please let me know any such way that is possible to recover my data. Thanks.

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There’s no hard drive in your MBP, it’s just a bunch of flash storage modules soldered on to the logic board. To retrieve data you will need someone with enough expertise and some luck who can get your Mac back up and running. Depending on where you are, someone may come up with some suggestion about a Pro in your area who has the needed skills or you may consider a mail-in repair.

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Ask the support desk of Apple of any ways about retrieving the data from the MacBook Pro.

Also you could follow the videos of Louis Rossmann on Youtube. Watching his videos will give you fair idea about retrieving the data from the Flash storage of the Dead MAcBook Pro.


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"Ask the support desk of Apple of any ways about retrieving the data from the MacBook Pro"

Can you provide some source of the news of Apple retrieving customer's data from a dead Macbook Pro ?


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