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Mac is stuck on loading screen, about half loaded.

So my friend’s MacBook Pro stopped working one morning. He tried to reboot it but the screen got stuck loading halfway. we tried the PRAM reboot and it did’nt work. the Pinwheel of Doom is also present when the load bar gets stuck. Aside from getting it looked at professionally, what can we do?

Update (11/20/2019)

Yes, so we managed to open up OS X recovery menu and First Aid check. Never new about OS X recovery. Thank you Lewis.

Update (11/20/2019)

Must be a hardware issue, the disk was fine, but it is not loading.

Update (11/20/2019)

We’re redownloading the OS. gonna see if that does anything. if not, we’ll send it into a shop.

Update (11/20/2019)

So it started working all of a sudden. Don’t know why, didn’t redownloas the OS. Sometimes computers are like that.

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Use Disk Utility to check the status of your hard disk and make sure that you don't have a failing hard drive. Shut down your computer; restart and then hold down the "Command-R" keys until you see the OS X Recovery utility screen. Select the "Disk Utility" option and select the "First Aid" tab.



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Thanks, im trying it.


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Try booting from an external USB drive.

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