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Software support for the Windows operating system.

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What has my nan done to her pc?

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Does anyone know what my nan has done to her laptop? I can't access any application windows and even though it says the narrator is off, there's that silly American man that just rattles himself off. It's just very zoomed in, says “learn more” and “accept” which is greyed out. “services in the top right hand corner.

Any help is good.

Thanks in advance

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It is hard to tell from here exactly what what done to the computer, but you can still fix it. A computer reset will undo all the changes that were made.

To perform the reset, go to your computer’s Settings app by holding down the Windows Key and hitting “I”. When the Settings app window appears, Click on “Update & Security”.

On the left column of the Update & Security page, select “Recovery”. That will open a pop-up window that offers two choices - “Keep my Files” and “Remove Everything”. Click on the “Keep my Files” option, and follow the subsequent prompts.

Please know that you will have to reinstall your applications after the reset is complete because they will be removed along with your settings.

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I've added a picture too if it's any help. I can alt + tab through applications but when I try to actually open them it just cuts straight back to the picture shown. The buttons on the picture don't do anything either


Is there any way you can click on the circular Ease of Access icon in the lower left corner? That way, there may be an option to turn Ease of Access off.


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