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Why is my computer restarting when playing game?

I recently purchased Spyro Trilogy for PC.

30 to 40 minutes into gameplay, my computer restarts. No blue screen, no indication.

Temps on CPU + GPU are within normal range. Thermal paste has been changed too.

There is no visible sign of damage on the motherboard, or burning odour. Fans operating normally too.

Harddrive has been scanned for bad sectors, but it is completely fine.

**Another thing that happened is, after the comp restarted, I went back into Spyro, and another reset occurred, but this time, the computer fell into a bootloop. I had to turn it off for about an hour before starting it back up. I thought it may have been a thermal issue, but the temps have always been in normal range.

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Hi @lokikhan ,

the restarting PC is usually caused by hardware crash (collapse) or unexpected system thread stopped. The first case is easy to “demonstrate”. If we will think about the system crash, it doesn’t mean that you will automatically get an issue with a blue death.

System or software crash:

  • Run the Event Viewer on your PC
  • Select the Windows Logs

Then select the categories for view any issue or messages, so start by clicking on the first Application category and search for the issue in time, when your PC goes to restart. After you check the first category, proceed to the another. If you will find any issue, you can post the logs here to see what you can do, otherwise insert error message to google and find the solution there.

Hardware issue

  • Download Stress Test for the HW

In several times, the stress test is a complex application, which can measure the performance and temperature in real-time during the high-performance test. If some hardware is about to crash, the stress test will show you the issue and you can easily solve the issue. There are a lot of versions of Stress Test software, find the best one for your PC. You must check the performance of GPU, CPU and RAM.

After you will be done, post some result from your investigation.

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First thing's first, thank you for the swift reply, Lucas.

I forgot to add some info about this.

I have, in fact, run a stress test twice. I've tried 3DMark, and Maxon Cinebench. The computer didn't crash in either of those. If you have any other recommendations, I will gladly try them out and post results here. I will also Google some more tomorrow.

Also, the game I was having issues with actually functioned properly when I reduced the frame rate from 60 to 30.

I'll revert the frame rate back to 60 tomorrow to create the 'reboot' environment to get the appropriate info from the Event Viewer, however, when we checked the EV the last time, my techy friend couldn't find a defined problem in them. There is a log that the PC did reboot, but no reason was given. I'll get you a fresh copy though.

Apologies for leaving all this info out, and thanks again!


I bet it's the power supply that is causing the problem.

The turning off for an hour is a sign of the PSU triggering it's overload protection, most likely due to it not being able to handle the load.

Replacing it with a good one should fix the problem. Something like a 550W 80+ gold PSU will do the job.


@benjamen50 That's 2 for the power supply. Someone else mentioned that as well. Thanks, Ben. I'll see if I can get my hands on a PSU for test purposes.


@lucasjak Hey Lucas. I'm trying to post the event logs on here, but it keeps marking them as spam for some reason. Any other way to get the logs sent to you?


So, this time, my computer restarted outside of Spyro. Event logs are the same as before, and both times, DistributedCOM was part of the errors.

I don't know if that helps.


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