Why have my brake lights quit working?

I started out with having just issues with my third brake light not working. When I was working on replacing them a ping went off, and the other two brake lights stopped working and now my truck won't shift into gear. The truck turns on and runs fine, I can even drive it with manually clicking the little lever behind the wheel to get the truck into gear. I have replaced the brake switch, checked all my fuses and I still can't figure out where the problem lies. Mechanic can't figure it out and I cant find the answer on YouTube. What's next?

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Need a mechanic with good electrical skills. Probably no problem with the brake switch, you are manually overridding the solenoid when you push the button to get your vehicle into gear. Tracing the brake wiring and its related system components such as the interlock solenoid will find your problem. Typically power goes from the battery, to fuse, to brake switch, to brake bulbs to a ground wire/connector which can break or corrode. You may have a relay, solenoid or little black box controlling or monitoring items in the system. Electronics Tech will find it easy.


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