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The Anki/Digital Dream Labs Vector robot is a personal companion robot that is operated by voice commands as well as a phone app to perform various actions and interactions. Supplementary devices include Vector’s charging station (or house) and a cube companion with which it also interacts.

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Who can replace robot battery for me?

Don’t hate me, but I’m not wanting to replace the Cozmo robot battery myself.

Does anybody know of a Cozmo hospital willing to perform battery transplant surgery?

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@workingdaddy we understand and respect people for not wanting to do their own repairs. Self repair is not everybody’s cup of tea. I would do an online search for tinker shops, you know the mom and pop electric repair shops. Something like a small appliance repair shop or even a local trade school or college and see if you can get some help with that. There is plenty of information online that will assist with the replacement. All of this of will of course depend on where you are located.

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OK, I'll try online searching again. But why are you working here on Thanksgiving Day?? ;)


@workingdaddy not working at all :-) just volunteering to help others out. Holler if you have trouble finding what you are looking for.


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