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Chrysler debuted the 2008 model year Town & Country went on sale on August 16, 2007 as a 2008 model.

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My radiator plastic cracked

Can i fix the crack in my radiator (the plastic right above the top transmission/ac coolant lines) with j.b. weld? I have tried every bars leak they make. And 1 other kind of stop leak but they jus get blown out by the pressure.

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A new radiator is the only real solution.

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Plastic welding is an option. Plastic welding follows the same basic principle as metal welding. Add material, apply heat, everything fuses together. With plastic welding, there are lots of different types of plastic. However, plastic welding in the auto industry has been a thing for some time, so it’s more likely you can have success. Nylon is the plastic I read about in use in radiators.

An airless plastic welder is little more than a soldering iron, but I have found advantages to them over a soldering iron. Mostly the tip is very large so heat can be applied over a large area.

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