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The Dell 1710n is an office laser printer released in 2011.

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How to remove white 'scuff'marks on print jobs?

Had no problem until this week - my 1710 printer is not printing clearly, there are scuff marks that repeat in 'white cloud' shapes down the page in regular intervals. I have pulled out the printer catridge etc and have wiped out excess toner internally via the front panel. Is this problem caused by a piece of paper stuck on the rollers ?? The dell toner cartridge is hardly used, as new.

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This is usually caused by a scratched drum. If not, then you exposed it to too much light or you exposed it to light or touched it.

Usually light damage is permanent. You probably need a drum at that point. However, if you let it sit in the printer and not use it, it may recover. It probably won't, but it does have a chance. It's better then assuming a drum dead and that's like 50-60.00 to replace dead. Scratches are always cases a drum rebuild or a new drum is required.

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