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The Nokia N8 is the first device to run on the Symbian^3 mobile operating system and Nokia's flagship device of 2010.

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FM Transmitter fault!

I have recently taken apart my N8 to replace case and digitizer screen and now find when back together that the FM transmitter range is almost next to nothing.

Where is the FM Transmitter PCB contact/chip or how does it 'transmit' ie through phone case, endcap, etc.

Has the metal contact above the flash unit and just below the volume button (N8 Teardown, Step 17, below left index finger tip, but not the three strips just to the right) have anything do with the FM transmitter.


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Hi Kieron,

The antenna on these things is bizarrely the back of the casing from what i could see when i dismantled one of these a few months ago.

If you look at the pictures in step 13 of the tear down guide:

Nokia N8 Teardown

The copper plated edges around the casing make contact with the copper plated PCB on the motherboard.

As with most phone antenna's they have an inductor, generally to reduce call noise, but if it falls off or becomes damaged it will break the circuit and you will not get barely any signal, check if its still in tact.

In Step 15 you can see it to the bottom left of the turquoise outlined chip

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Thanks James, that answered another question I was going to post! I noticed those contacts and lifted up every single one to ensure contact, there's quite a few but took the time! Calls are crystal clear still, no problems there!

Unfortunately it didn't help the FM Transmitter range at all, which is what I'm lacking. I've tried different frequencies, reset it and it does work, but have to hold the receiving radio practically on top of the phone to hear what the N8 is transmitting.

I just can't see how or where the problem lies unless it's that contact above the camera flash and if it's not I'll probably live without it for the hassle it's worth!


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Has anyone fixed this? Just found an N8 and I need it

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