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The Toyota Highlander (also called the Toyota Kluger) is a mid-size crossover SUV manufactured by Toyota, a Japanese automaker. It features a five-door SUV body style and includes a front-engine layout with either front-wheel-drive or four-wheel-drive.

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Front end shimmy problem


  • I have an 05 highlander that has a very noticeable shimmy on acceleration that starts at 45 mph through 55 mph. I had the front end aligned, tires rotated and balanced and the front end aligned. Still has shimmy. Took it to mechanic and had both axles replaced along with right motor mount and a engine cross bar that keeps the engine from twisting under torque conditions. Still has the shimmy. Any thoughts or ideas. Thanks
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is it under light acceleration or hard or both? possibly slightly buckled wheels that you can’t spot just by looking at and double check all bushes for wear.

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Thanks for the reply. It only happens on light or normal acceleration.


you could check to see if the wheels are buckled, my dad had this issue on a passat and he'd hit a pot hole that hard it very slightly buckled his front wheel and 2 mechanics missed it, you could also check the mounts and bushes that haven't been replaced to make sure there in good condition, probably not but your could check your brake discs aren't warped. if its under light acceleration I would think its probably something like that. hope you manage to find it.


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