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Repair guides and support for all-in-one washer and dryer assemblies as well as stacked units.

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Why does my washer have no power when the dryer works

Why do I not have power to my washer? Electrolux laundry center3911/4033 all computer boards have been replaced everything has power to it but washer still does not have power. Dryer works perfectly. What is left to be changed or checked

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The first question I have is: Was it a qualified repair person that replaced your electronics? Did they not notice the lack of power?

We need more information on this one.

Unusual sounds, smells? is it moving at all? Is it spinning but not agitating. Does it sound like its moving but it doesn’t actually move?


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Hi @redeye79 ,

As you say that everything has power, try performing a full control reset and check if this resolves the problem.

Here’s a link to the tech sheet for the combo unit.

It will download automatically.

Once you have the file, see 2 Entering Diagnostic Mode - do a full control reset as in steps 3 to 5. on page 1.

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