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Am 20. September 2019 hat Apple das neueste iPhone angekündigt. Der Nachfolger des iPhone XR hat ein 6,1 Zoll LCD-Touchscreen, ein neues Zwei-Kamera-System und ist in sechs verschiedenen Farben erhältlich.

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battery percentage stuck for a while after taking off charger

So I recently got a brand new iPhone 11 running iOS 13.3 and well yesterday I took it off the charger at 100% and it stayed at 100% for 33 minutes. Today i took it off the charger at 95% and it stayed at 95% for 30 minutes then I restarted it and it jumped up to 96% for a minute and then stayed at 95% for 10 more minutes. After that battery starts to go down as usual but I am just wondering if this is normal and why it’s happening. I am using the standard 5W charger.

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Theres two factors at play here

  1. Manufacturers tend to freeze the phones percentage at 100% for a bit so people feel like there battery is staying charged longer this may also occur at lower percentages depending on programming
  2. Batteries are difficult to measure a percent value on since they aren’t linear and rebooting the phone causes a small check to occur which can change the percentage value

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Hi, were you able to solve this problem? If so, how? Could it be a damaged item?


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