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The VG248QE is a 24-inch gaming monitor released by Asus in January 2013. It runs at 144 Hz and supports Nvidia 3D Vision.

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How to make it run on 12V

I’d like to connect it to my Van electric system which runs on 12V, without having to use an inverter (since it kills the battery life). Any suggestion or recomendation will be most appreciated.

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There is no other way than 110VAC to power this monitor. You could look for a monitor that has an external power adapter and coax power input.

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I know that, yes, an inverter would take more or less an extra 30 watts when running, but unless you are running the engine, it doesn’t matter which way you power the monitor, the monitor’s watts/consumption will be the same. Car/Van batteries are not designed to be drained in this fashion, with the engine off. They will be ruined if they are deep cycled. Now, if you have deep cycle batteries or are running the engine, then an inverter is the way to go because battery life will not suffer.

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