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Device and repair pages for the Motorola Moto G7 Power smartphone. The phone was released in March 2019, with model numbers XT1955-1, XT1955-2, XT1955-4, XT1955-5, and XT1955-7.

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Can I reset phone because of Google locke

I bought a phone from a so called friend gave a pretty penne for it an come to find out I can't use it because it ask for the Google account that was in the phone before it was reset an my friend won't tell me is they anyway u can help plz

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You need to go to a Motorola center to reset. What happened is called 'factory reset protection'. This is to avoid stolen - devices - sold after reset. Do you know the owner? ---> pretty penny means what?


Try holding down the volume down and power button until a menu shows up and there should be an option for factory reset select that hit go and wait for it to finish then reboot the phone and all of the previous accounts/data should be removed.


IIRC, 'factory reset protection' cannot be bye-passed that way. Some people have some strange tricks on youtube but I am not sure.


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How do you get rid of green box on the phone when you slide up on the

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And it makes strange sound when you do it


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