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Ein Desktop Computer ist stationär und in einem Gehäuse untergebracht, getrennt von Peripheriegeräten wie Maus, Tastatur und Bildschirm

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Monitor - No Signal message

My PC worked for years, switched it off last night and this morning have No Signal message , PC tower starting as always no warning bepin nothing , checked inputs wiring ( use different wire and different type of connection) then different Monitor.

Then swapped Graphic card ( borrowed on from my brother PC) and it worked , then ... Decided to check my graphic card in my brother PC and it worked ? So placed it back in my PC and again No Signal message ... So next swapped Graphic card with my cousin PC and again his work in my PC and mine in his , so placed it back in my PC and Again No Signal ... Fans work on it control light is on ... Have ( strix GTX780 6GB OC , My brother have GTX 970 and my cousin Radeon card) Not understand what going on ?

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When you say "...different type of connection)..." did you try the other video output connector on the card when it is in your PC?

Can you get into BIOS with a screen showing when the card is in your PC?


@jayeff yes by "When you say "...different type of connection)..." Meant different output connector on the card " all the same only message " No Signal " so can't see bios - tho confusing thing is my Graphic card works in My brother and cousin PC and there's in my ...



Have the settings in BIOS in your PC been manually altered by you before this happened to suit the card?

Have you tried installing another graphics card, accessing BIOS and setting it back to default values and then trying your card in there to check what happens?


@jayeff did not mess with BIOS - simply finished playing game and switched PC off then following morning when switching ON my PC getting messages " No Signal"

Checked my wiring ( PC to Monitor ) tested different DVI cable then other outputs still no difference , then used different Monitor no luck ,then swapped Graphic Card with one from my brother PC and it's working with his card , tested mine Graphic Card in his PC and as well it's work , then when place it back in my PC I'm back with No Signal message.

Then swapped Graphic card with another PC ( of my cousin ) and same situation ...

All of use have different Graphic Card , Mine GTX780 6GB , my brother GTX970 and my Cousin Have Radeon card ...



What I meant was have you altered any BIOS settings to suit your graphics card a long time ago, before this happened.

If the BIOS was suddenly corrupted for any reason and it only affected the way your card operates I thought that by installing another card so that you can now see BIOS you could change the BIOS settings back to the default settings then save the changes and then turnoff the PC and re install your card and then turn on the PC and check what happens.


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Maybe put his card in your PC, go to windows, and uninstall all graphics card drivers. Then put your card back in. Also make sure your card is connected properly and receiving adequate power.

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