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Released October 2012, identified by model number 20175.

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Yoga 13 making too much noise (noisy fans)

Hi, my Lenovo Yoga 13 is making a lot of noise and fans are in constant blow.

How to silence it ?

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this is how to silence your laptop after cleaning dust (refer to other answer).

In fact, my fans are full speed even though CPU is at 45 °C.

1. Download Notebook Fan Control : https://github.com/hirschmann/nbfc/relea...

2. Install it and launch it

3. In "Selected config" menu, select profile for Lenovo Yoga 13 2191.

4. Set "Fan control service status" to Enabled.

5. Right click on bottom right icon for Settings > Check Start with Windows

NB. During summer, you may have to Disable Notebook fan control for a correct heat evacuation.

If you experience weird laptop behaviour, disable it too.

Another important thing is to flash latest Bios available for your laptop.

Enjoy ;-)

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Hi @djibe ,

Wouldn't it be better to open the laptop and check if the fan and fan vents need cleaning and also if perhaps the thermal pad needs replacing rather than controlling the fan with a program when all it is doing is trying to protect the CPU from damage by removing as much heat as it can by running at full speed when perhaps it shouldn't have to.


no, this is a known bug


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Hi @djibe ,

The fan and fan vent may need to be cleaned of dust etc.

Also check the condition of the thermal pad to see if it may need replacing

Here’s a link to the service manual for the laptop.

Scroll to p.42 to view the necessary pre-requisite steps and then the procedure to remove the fan and heat sink assembly

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Oups. I forgot to tell that AFTER this tuto, you need mine ;-)


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