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Dokumentation und Anleitungen für die Reparatur des am 22. September 2017 veröffentlichten iPhone 8. Modellnummern A1863, A1905.

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iPhone 8 microphone not working anymore

Hi all,

Today suddenly my microphone stopped working. When calling, I can hear the other side, but they can’t hear me. Also when I put the phone on speaker they can’t hear me. The strange thing is that when recording a video in the Camera App the microhpone is working, but in Snapchat not.

While recording the videos I tested both front and rear camera.

What could be the problem?

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hey! i just saw this and i've been having this EXACT problem since march 2020 and still haven't got the problem resolved... but have you resolved the issue with it? and what to do? thank you!


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You may have to replace the dock in the device as for videos it uses the mic next to the camera for default apps and when using 3rd party apps it will use the mic in the dock. Test the voice recorder app on the phone and if it shows no change in pitch will need a new dock.

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Why is the microphone not working when calling on speaker? Will the microphone near the rear camera not work when calling with speaker?


It uses the mic near the loud speaker while on phone call.


Replaced the dock and phone working fine now!


@Uas Hi, i have a XR, People can hear me fine on a normal call but not speaker call. Was your mic not working for all calls?

Voice memos = static

Speaker call = static

Normal call = fine

Front cam = fine

Rear cam = fine


This "dock" you are talking about, is this the dock connector or not?


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New charging port required. Microphone is on the same ribbon.

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