Weird graphics glitches even after restart

I’ve been having an increasing occurrence of these types of glitches and fragmenting, especially during and after opening video heavy apps like iMovie and VLC. iMovie is now unusable.

Also, can the upload method for this be changed to allow images smaller than 50x50? I tried to just do my menubar but it refused to allow the upload even though it clearly shows the issue.

Block Image

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Let clarify the image post aspect of your question:

How much information visually can you see in such a small image? In the case of what you posted its not very useful as I can't tell enough from it.

The idea is to supply the full fidelity of whats happing. Sometimes we need more than one capture method to isolate the issue. As an example the internal display image maybe bad but the screen capture won't show the defect as the data source is from V-RAM not the displays image.

How you collect the image can also tell us useful information!

● Screen capture (still or vid)

● Picture from an iPhone (or other)

● Video for an iPhone (or other)



Let's give this a try, take a video from your phone of the issue.

Do make sure the screen is spotless so we don't get confused by the grime on it.

And make sure the window behind you is not shining the sunlight onto the screen or other light source is not reflecting off of the glass.

I don't want to see the reflections of your room, I want the screens image.


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