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The Sony XBR-65X850D is a 65-inch LCD Ultra HD TV with an LED backlight and 2160p resolution. Released in 2016. Model number: XBR-65X850D.

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Looking for Replacement screen panel

Does anyone have a replacement panel

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this was a knew experience for me. i like it


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Sorry to bring bad news, but if you’re lucky enough to find a replacement panel for the TV, it will often be more than a brand new one. Plus the shipping on such a massive fragile object will be incredibly expensive. The best thing you can do is responsibly recycle it, or part it out and sell the boards and other valuable components.

However if the problem is no backlighting, you can get replacement backlight modules.

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thank you I suspected it. but I remembered having seined a place with a big machine that they would put it through one side and it would come out fix on the other side I just can remember for the life of me where in the hell I saw it


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