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Discussion on Cutting the Cable Television and going to Streaming

I am so sick of the cable TV providers ripping me off year after year I have decided to cut the cable. I have found that most of my TV watching is now confined to news channel during the day as a background noise and now that Football season is just about over, I just have no need for it. YouTube brings me most of the entertainment content I want.

I get HBO via my Apple subscription which is cheaper than the cable company sells it for. I can get three leads for it. So my daughter, in another city gets it and my girlfriend gets it all for the single subscription price.

In return, my girlfriends lets me sign on to her Netflix and Amazon Prime at no addition cost to her. So on premium content we are pretty well covered at a reasonable cost.

Now what I am wondering about is getting local news and weather. There are a plethora of antenna out there. What I would like would be a network antenna that I could run to my router so I could just have one and run it through my existing coaxial cable to all the TVs in the house.

Does anyone have any experience with this or any other ideas on TV reception that I have not covered?

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@mayer gone cableless for about 2 years now. I just added another (free) streaming service (NewsON) which lets me choose my local new station. If that does not work use something like Google Assistant to stream from your laptop since most local stations now stream it to the internet.

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sounds good. I find it here advertised but when I go to the store on my MacPro it does not come up, what am I doing wrong, this has happened to me many times. https://apps.apple.com/us/app/newson-loc...


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