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The Jeep Cherokee is a line of vehicles sold by Jeep under various vehicle classes. Originally sold as a variant of the popular Jeep Wagoneer, the Cherokee has evolved from a full-size SUV to one of the first compact SUVs and eventually into its current incarnation as a crossover SUV.

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Bad power problems with Jeep in cold weather

I am having a problem when going to my Jeep in the morning and finding that the power on the left side of my car is out. The lest headlamps,leds, and high beams are out, along with the taillight. The power locks are not working at all either and when I use the key to open the door, the dome lights don’t work either. The car starts normally, and drives too, however I can’t lock my doors and i can’t use my horn or windshield wipers.! Please help!! I have a video of what is going on as well!

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Cameron Willingham year and model of your Jeep? This only happens in cold weather? How cold is cold?


2014 Jeep Cherokee limited. And I just bought the car. I’m not sure if it is because it’s cold, but after driving for about 15 min, they come back on and the car seems to function properly. I live in Atlanta.


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That is one of those model years where Chrysler-Fiat had issues with the TIPM. Only the Grand Cherokee series had a recall on those but multiple other models were affected by this as well. Double check on this since your failures are across multiple circuits.

Update (01/12/2020)

Here is the part of the manual that deals with the power distribution. See if that is going to help you a bit more. 2014 Jeep Cherokee Power Distribution

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What exactly should I check for? Im not sure exactly what the problem maybe.


TIPM is actually the bottom part of the fuse box inside the engine compartment. Check the traces for the relays etc. on that. It is pretty extensive so it could be tricky. LEt me check to see if I have the electrical diagram for it.


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I would check along the lines of in and around the fuse box and any relays close and any wiring looms carrying large bunches of wires for any damage, all those parts will be run off different relays and fuses so chances are there’s a break in a wire somewhere probably. try check the fuse box for any moisture in there

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I didn't see any moisture, and none of the fuses look bad and no codes are coming up on the computer.


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