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The Gateway NV57H57U is 15.6" laptop with an i5 2.4 GHz processor, 6 GB RAM, and a 640 GB hard drive.

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My HD just quit on me. Is there any chance of obtaining data from it?

My Gateway NV57H73u laptop has been my computer since 2012, so I won’t complain about longevity. But when it refused to recognize the hard drive yesterday, I’m left dead in the water. It wasn’t backed up in the cloud as I thought. Is there any possibility that data could still be retrieved, or should I start crying now.

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I’d pull the drive and install an SSD, here’s some options from Crucial:


Now get a USB to SATA external adapter and hook your drive up and see if it can be repaired and/or your data transferred.

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I'll add, that if the drive does show up, copy EVERYTHING you need - this may be its' last gasp. Also, if you plug it in and don''t hear the spinup sound, try snapping your wrist with the axis of the spindle inline. I've had that break "stiction" loose on many occasions.


Once you got the HDD replaced and if it should continue to not being recognized you could always try and replace the HDD controller board to gain access to the data. Something like this


@quiltmomsue And if anything these gentlemen recommended wouldn't work there are companies with a white room and the necessary skills who can probably recover your data anyway, but it's going to be a bit expensive, in the range of the hundreds $/€..


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