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Motorola Moto 360 2nd Gen Smart Watch manufactured by Motorola Mobility in 2015. Wearable Smartwatch that connects to your phone.

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After battery replacement why is it not turning on?

I followed the steps from iFixIt site and replaced the battery, but looks like something went wrong as the watch is acting there is no battery. It doesn’t start. I don’t think it is charging either as it stays cold. I remember it used to warm up as it charges.

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And when you put in the old battery again, does it boot up? If yes, perhaps your replacement battery is faulty..


Thank you. It sure sounds like it. My old battery is pretty bad and the watch at least is trying to boot up. With the new one, it does nothing almost like a brick.

I will have to report and hopefully get a better battery from iFixit folks.


Sounds like you need to return it and request a new one :). Let us know if this resolved it, please.


Yes. That was the issue. After I got a different replacement battery (iFixIt folks were very generous and sent me another one without any hassle!) the watch is working as expected. Thank you for your suggestion.


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My pleasure!

Glad that it’s all fine now!

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I too have a Moto 360 watch that is all black screen and will not do anything as far as taking the battery out I don't think I'm qualified to take the watch apart and that will void the warranty if there is any warranty on it what am I supposed to do I've had it less than a year but I can't find the receipt


You can always contact the company where you bought the Watch first. Just explain the situation and perhaps they can help you out.


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