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Doing A Glass Only iPhone X Repair At Home

Hey so my iPhone x has a cracked screen, the amoled screen works completely fine with 3D touch and everything working, its only the glass that’s shattered, i looked to do a screen repair but i realised screens where quite expensive and the cheap ones looked bad quality, also i want to keep features like true tone ( i know there are machines to program new screens to use true tone but again that;s costly) I’m now looking to do a glass only repair at home, I’ve watched a few videos but all of them seem to use big machines like vacuums and other machines to laminate the screen after the glass is removed, i wanted to ask if there was any other way to do a glass only repair at home without any machines.

thanks alot


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If you want to do a glass-only screen job for cheap, don’t do it. Buying all the tools will only cost you more than a screen, and you will almost certainly ruin the first few tries.

Do screen-only repair only as a business, NOT DIY.

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Sadly, If you want a premium finish on the job, you’ll have to use the method described in the videos with the big machines.

Replacing a screen is a job that needs fine hands. I suggest you weigh the available options carefully before you dive into one.

Judy Smith.

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My dad is a neurosurgeon so I’m not too worried about the fine hands part but is there no other way to do it without machines?


It is difficult to be able to do a job without the tools for that job. Ask your father for money and avoid breaking screens by making such a risky repair without knowledge.


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