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Solutions for repair and replacement of common problems found with the Lenovo G780: Keyboard, Overheating, USB ports, Battery, and RAM.

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Lenovo G700 randomly shuts off

I have an old G700 notebook from Lenovo which randomly shuts off.

It doesn’t matter if it’s under load or just idling.

No bluescreen, no warnung. It just shuts off like someone is pulling the power cord.

Also it doesn’t matter if booted into Windows or just idling in the Bios.

Temps are fine.

What I’ve tried so far:

- Replaced Mainboard

- Replaced CPU

- Replaced RAM

- Replaced HDD

- Removed Optical Drive, WiFi Card and Keyboard

- Disconnected the little board with the power/reset buttons on it

- Tried with Battery only

- Tried with Power Cord only

- Tried with both Battery and Power Cord

So pretty much all the main parts were replaced and some optional parts were removed.

Issue still persists.

The only thing left untouched is the display which runs fine.

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Maybe try pulling the cmos battery for a few mins


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Based on the information you've shared it seems an issue with the motherboard or the CPU. If it is an issue with the RAM or HDD it will show any errors or it may freeze.

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You already posted this answer on the lenovo forums and it didn't help at all. As mentioned before, the board was swapped twice as well as the CPU which is working fine in another environment.


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