Double icons and hi-voice pop-ups

I have small problems with my smartphone. I have this one for at least 3 years but I’m not sure if it’s worth the trouble.

*Whenever I restart my smarthphone, the icons of contacts and messages are double ?

I don’t know why or when this has happend.

*The hi-voice pop-up radomly, I don’t want the hi-voice pop-ups. tried to delete those but failed. one time even ending up skipping my morning alarm (thank god I was awake on time to check)


*my smartphone is getting slow, youtube video’s are hard to play and when it takes too long, I have to restart my phone to get a response. It’s an old smartphone but I don’t know if this is relatable to the other problems. For some other apps it’s slow and it doesn’t respond for a while.

*disables wi-fi and bluetooth randomly.

Whenever i’m using my wireless headphones, it’ll blast the music on speaker without me knowing…

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