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TI-NSpire is a programmable, graphing calculator released in 2007 by Texas Instruments.

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Where can I get a screen replacement for TI-nspire CX calculator?

The screen of my TI-nspire CS graphic calculator is cracked and now a portion of it won’t show is there a way I can buy a screen replacement somewhere? If so, could you please post links? Thanks

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TI doesn't offer first-party parts, so you'll either have to find a for-parts model on Ebay or find parts on a site like this: https://world.taobao.com/item/1957647300...

The hardware revision of your calculator will affect which screen you need, could you tell me the short combination of numbers and letters on the back of the calculator, to the right of the serial number?

Once you have a screen, these guides should help you swap it out:

Texas Instruments TI-Nspire CX defekte Taste reparieren


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Hey man, could you help me find the screen for my calculator on Taobao?

I have a Ti-Nspire CX II.

The back says 3A02001453 N-0620AL



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