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Released June 2017, the iPad Pro 10.5" replaces the 2016 iPad Pro 9.7".

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Ipad pro 10.5" shuts down after 10 min charging.

Hello my fellow fixers and heroes.

I'm interested in a faulty iPad 10.5” on auction which has the fault described in title. It shuts down by it self and after 10min of charging, it shuts down again.

The seller had it looked up. And they told him/her that it was something with the “power supply chip". Which I translate to charge board flex cable? I don't know.

Therefore my question.

Do any of you know if it's repairable? Would it be worth it? And what is the actual damage?

Thank you!

~May the patience be with you~

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Charge related issues could be the charge port, the battery or the charge circuit on the logic board. The charge circuit could be damaged by some water ingress, poor quality chargers or cables or just random component failures. There’s no way to know without opening up the device. If there’s water damage, I wouldn’t touch this device.

Otherwise, calculate that you will have to lay down $150, maybe more to have this repaired and there’s always a possibility it is unrepairable. Besides, the original owner didn’t get it repaired and if they had, they could sell the device for more so I’m always wary of buying devices that are damaged. If you buy it, you have to accept the risk that you will lose everything (minus whatever buyer protection you have, i.e. eBay).

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Thank you for taking the time to answer!

I've talked to the seller and as I've said before, It's the "chip supply" or "power providing chip". Don't really know how to translate it. But basicly sounds like it's the"lightning connector" that needs to be repaired or replaced. It wasn't a water damage, he had it for inspection at a dealer, that provided him this solution.

But, I don't know if the "chip supply" and " lightning connector" is the same thing. If it is, I guess it needs soldering?


"chip supply" or "power providing chip" are totally different from the Lightning connector. Replacing a flex is relatively straightforward, logic board issues, especially if it turns out to be the PMIC, are quite another.

IMHO, I would not buy this, worst case have the seller fix it first and you pay for the repair on top of the purchase. Otherwise you may end up with a device that is not fixable.



I understand the issue. Thank you for clarifying it.

~May the patience be with you~


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