Problems starting text with Huawei watch

First off... I can receive text messages on my W2 Classic and reply to them, but I cannot go to my Contacts list and start a text message on my watch. (If it matters, I can make phone calls from my Contacts list on my watch)

This is what happens:

1. I go to my Contacts, choose one and scroll to the text message icon and click it.

2. The four Google coloured dots pop up, spin for a few seconds and 2 options pop up. One has the blue and white 'Open phone' logo with 'Turn on' next to it. The other has a grey 'X' with 'Cancel'.

3. If you hit 'Turn On' the four Google dots spin again and it returns to the same page. Nothing happens on the phone.

4. Hitting 'Cancel" brings up the message 'Sorry, unable to obtain permissions'.

I don't know what permissions I need on my watch or my phone. I'm kind of perplexed. I was able to do this before.

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