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A 17.3” gaming laptop by Asus.

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I need a guide on how to add RAM

my task manager says that there is 4 slots and i only see 2. I also see what looks like a 3rd stick under the 2 existing sticks that are made by the same brand ( look at picture)

Block Image

Block Image

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Some for the G75s have additional RAM slots on the bottom of the logic board. We can check is you give us your exact model.

Try booting your machine with the tops ones out and see if you still have RAM as it looks like RAM showing thought when have those removed.

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Hi @tinkermcnoodles ,

Just to add, the Asus specification also show memory supported as 4 x 4GB DDR3 1600, up to maximum of 16GB so there should be 4 slots


thanks the other 2 sticks were not showing up


You have to take the palmrest off to get to it.


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