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One gallon wet/dry vacuum manufactured by Shop-Vac, with catalog number: 2021000 and model No. MC150A.

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New vac lost suction makes noise but filter brand new and hose clear

It is one of those small, tall shop vacs (4 hp 4 gal) that has a 20 ft hose. It has worked great all summer. Acts like partly blocked but I installed brand new filter and made sure hose is completely clear. Maybe noise coming from motor, what would cause that? It’s a shop vac brand but not that model listed here. Brand new last spring.

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1 Antwort

Yeah there isn’t much to shop vacs. It’s the the hose, filter setup or motor. That’s pretty much it. Unplug the hose and see if you’re getting suction at the base. If not and you said the filter is good, then the motor (you said was noisy) is damaged. You might be able to open it up and check for something fouling up the motor. Since it isn’t that old I would write or email the vendor and complain of the failure and they may offer a replacement for minimal shipping or no charge. Good luck!

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