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Released in 2015, the D-Link DIR-890L is a Tri-Band AC3200 Wireless Router capable of delivering speeds up to 3.2Gbps.

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How are the antennae connected to the motherboard?

Hi, realize this router is a bit older but hopefully someone can help. Just purchased a used one online and one antenna is broken. Figured while I’m at it I’ll order 3 or 4 higher dbi antennae (8 or 9 dbi) replace the broken one and 2 or 3 other ones. The motherboard repair guide has been helpful but I can’t tell from the pictures if the antennae are connected to the board with IPEX connectors (if so what size?) or are those just solder points that are hot glued down (which seems very odd to me…)

Thanks in advance!


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Hi Jeff

Based on the teardown pictures, they are using IPEX connector.

the glue is probably there to hold them in place, also to prevent from accidental removal.

there are couple of choices.... either modify to this like below on the plastic... to allow removal antenna....


as for the IPEX size connector … im not sure about it.

but adding in the link and hopefully someone can guide on this


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Thanks for your help. I guess if worse comes to worse I can just solder them on and put a dab of hot glue on. I'm just the worst solderer.

I've noticed as I get older I only want things if they are a project lol. If this thing would have been shiny and good to go I would have had no interest haha. Oh well, it keeps me busy.


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