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Apples iPad Mini Tablet wurde im März 2019 aufgefrischt und mit einem A12 Bionic SoC ausgestattet, das True Tone Retina Display erfuhr ein Update mit Unterstützung des Pencils.

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How to seperate lcd from digitizer on the ipad mini 5

i bought just a digitizer for the ipad mini 5 on amazon not realizing its not like the first couple of ipad minis the lcd is combined with the digitzer so is it even possible to seperate the lcd from the digitizer on this ipad?

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I would say you want to return the part if you can. Usually to do a glass only repair you have to have special equipment since you have to separate the old glass then re-adhesive the new glass to the old LCD and make sure you don’t have any defects or get anything trapped under the glass when doing it.

I have never done a glass only repair but I hear it’s something that takes some skill. We always but the full assembly when it’s a fused LCD model like this.

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