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Ein kleines Streaminggerät das direkt in die HDMI Buchse am Fernseher gesteckt wird. Es kam 2014 auf den Markt. Die neuere Version kommt mit einer sprachgesteuerten Fernbedienung.

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fireoscaptiveportal generate_204 Setup Firestick

I’m trying to setup my new Firestick but it keeps getting stuck on the joining network page. The screen shows a white box and the message includes a link to fireoscaptiveportal generate_204

Any ideas on what to do please? My internet is working perfectly on my other devices.

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Any solutions to this issue?


I get the same screen, but in the middle of watching something. Rebooting everything seems to help but is really annoying.




How to setup my WiFi Repeater?


What is the username and the password for my WiFi Repeater


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which type of frequency your wifi works on? 2.4 or 5 ghz?

If your router is syncing the two then there might be your problem (you should change the setting of your router to get out 2 ssid one for the 2,4 and one for the 5ghz and then you try to connect on one or the other to see which one works

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I do not want to change any settings on my router as ‘all’ other devices and services appear to work without an issue, as does another fire stick on another TV, any other ideas?

Thank you,


I agree the television works perfectly with the aerial by I want to use the other facilities as well


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The url you

requested has been blocked

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