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97 volvo 960. headlight keep blowing fuses

i have a 1997 960.

it keeps blowing the fuses to brake and head lights,

sometimes you can just replace the fuse and its good, other times it will blow it over and over.

can not locate any loose or broken wires in the system. can not figure out whats creating the problem.

any help is much appreciated.

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Hi, ,

Which headlamp fuses are blowing? As there are 4 is it always the same one (fuses #12-15 engine compartment fuse block) or any randomly?

According to the 1997 owner manual the brake light fuse (fuse #3 passenger compartment) also feeds the “light switch”, which may be a clue.

Here’s a link to the 1998 Volvo 960 wiring diagrams (hopefully it is a close enough year model for these to be of some use)

p.79 is the start of the headlamp wiring diagrams and p.102 is the start of the brake lamps wiring diagrams. Both found in Group 35 circuits

Hopefully these may help to track down the problem

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