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The Toshiba Satellite 2-in-1 laptop identified by the model number P55W-C5316-4K. The laptop has a touchscreen 4K Ultra HD screen and an Intel i7 processor. Related model numbers: P55W-C5200D and P55W-C5314.

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Why does my laptop shocks me when I am using?

There is some parts of the laptop where there is electric shock from time to time. How do i solve it?

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Was the system plugged into an AC outlet? If not then you likely encountered a static shock. In the winter the air is so dry it doesn’t take much to build up a static charge so when you touch something that is conductive you can get a shock.

If you have the system plugged into the AC outlet you might have a bad outlet ground connection or the outlet is mis-wired. Go to the local hardware store and get a cheap outlet checker. These can give you a good go - no go view of your outlets power connections.

You may also have a bad charger or power cord. Make sure you are using the proper cord and it’s not damaged.

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