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Samsungs Flaggschiff-Smartphone, das Galaxy S8. Erschienen im April 2017.

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Screen completely broken, in need of data recovery

Hi all,

My Samsung galaxy S8’s screen is broken to the point that it only briefly flashes white and doesn’t display anything. I have gotten a new phone because repairing the phone wasn’t worth it anymore. The issue i’m facing is that when I connect the phone to my computer the phone doesn’t allow acces to my computer to transfer or even display the files. Google suggests that I should enable USB Debugging, however I can’t enable this option due to the screen being non operational.

My question is; is there any way to either enable this through some other means, or if I can somehow transfer the data in another way.

Any feedback is appreciated, thanks!

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@nixni you cannot unless you gain access to your phone. There is just to much encryption going on to just pull files of your board. I suggest that you repair the display since it will be cheaper than trying to have someone recover your data or consider your data/files lost.

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The thing is, the screen is technically still usable. It just doesn't display anything useful or it displays white. I tried to guess where the button that grants access to my files when you plug in a cable but that didn't help. I couldn't find it blindly. I was hoping that maybe since it has a usb-c port that it could somehow project its screen on my computer. I just don't know if thats even possible and if it is, how.


Repair the screen then sell the device, you should pretty much break even and you will have your data.


@nixni sorry but no it is not. Repair your display ;>)


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