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Nintendo GameCube Controller DOL-003. Erschien im November 2001, kompatibel mit dem Nintendo GameCube, der Nintendo Wii und der Nintendo Wii U. Reparaturen an diesem Gerät sind nicht kompliziert und erfordern nur gewöhnliche Werkzeuge.

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I can't open my controller because of a stripped screw

So just to clarify its not a first party gamecube controller Its the PowerA wireless GameCube controller for Nintendo switch. So the problem is i need to open it to fix the c stick cause when i face it up it sticks in the up position but i can’t open it because of a stripped Philips head screw and i can’t really open it at all

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More then likely, you’re bringing out the drill since it’s a clone controller and not an original where the screws are good quality. However, what may work to get them out is to go one size up from the factory bit size - I am assuming Phillips because it isn’t a Nintendo product which would use the tri-wing screw.

If you need to drill it out, what you need to do is use the smallest bit you can get away with to break the head off, but leave enough room to get the screw stem out with plyers once you open the controller. Don’t go too far otherwise you will likely never be able to put a screw in that hole again. With a controller like this, you may be able to recover the use of the screw hole in question.

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Thank you! ill try the drill


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