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Released in the USA on July 28th 2017, the Nintento 2DS XL is a handheld gaming console that is a streamlined version of the 3DS XL.

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2DS XL has missing solder pads on right shoulder button

I bought a 2ds xl with a cracked top screen, upon opening it found out that the right shoulder button is completely gone and the solder pads are gone as well. I've fixed the top screen (pretty easy fix to be honest) but now I am scratching my head on how I should fix this issue.

Even if I was to get a new shoulder button I cannot solder it onto the motherboard as the solder pads are missing.

What should I do to fix this/is there a way to fix this?

If there is no way to fix it, is it possible to use ZR and ZL instead?

Photo of where the solder pads should be:

Block Image

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looks like you might be able to run jumpers from the traces to get the button to work. Now top actually mount the button to the board you might have to get creative. when in doubt hot glue might come in handy if its something for yourself. if its for a customer always disclose its going to be weak but be gentle.

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