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The Sony Extra Bass Headphones Model: MDR-XB450AP, are a high end pair of headphones that are manufactured by Sony. Features an omni-directional microphone for Bluetooth capabilities.

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Replacing minijack of Headphone SONY MDR-ZX 660

Good morning,

I am trying to replace the jack of the headphones SONY MDR-ZX 660. The problem is that I don’t really know where I should solder the wires. I have 5 wires on the cable: red, green, golden, light blue and blue+golden (those 2 come from the same orifice). You can see an image attached. I haven’t found any schema on internet which shows the color coding for this combination. You can see the images attached.

You can see the product specs here:https://www.whathifi.com/sony/mdr-zx660a...

Anyone can help me out? I have tried with the multimeter and I have done some guess with different combinations but without good results.

Thanks in advance.

Block Image

Block Image

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If anyone has fixed a similar pair of phones I would just need the color coding schema.

Thanks in advance.


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Albert Dueso does not look like anybody on here has done this before. You will have to go ahead and remove the other drivers (speakers) and check how the wire is connected on those. Get a multimeter and trace the wire to see what you got going on. Post some good pictures of the other end of the cable. I am sure we can all figure it out once you get to the ends.

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