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The 1995–1999 Pontiac Sunfire was a convertible model.

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Replaced flash relay. Daytime lights no longer work.


For a while I've had issues with the day time running lights and hazard/signal lights not working properly. When the car warmed up internally I had better performance (the relay was warming up? It's down by the brake pedal). The day time running lights would work once warmed up as well and the signal lights would work more consistently, not always. The high beam does not seem to be connected to this so I used high beam until the car warmed up for the day time lights.

I replaced the relay today with a well known to be quality third party part. The signal and hazards now work wonderfully. The day time lights still do not work properly. Maybe they're separate issues I'm having thoughts of. They will if I hold or tap the signal lever slightly back (I know it's the day time turning on as the passenger side high beam bulb needs replacing). Going to see if they do as they normally would when the car warms up with the new relay. Any ideas?

Update: I put the original flasher relay back in and headlights still have issue. They work fine when the car warms up a bit. Turns out the issues are separate. So the signal/hazards are fixed with the new relay. The day time running lights issues is not. I'm not experienced in electrical circuits.

Kind regards

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zentech your daytime running lights use a different relay than the one you replaced.

Block Image

Follow the wiring diagram and check the DRL (Daytime running Light)wiring.

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