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Repair guides and support for hair irons, also known as hair straighteners.

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What resistor would this be.

My friend has a flat iron that seems to have a burn resistor its a CROC 1.5 inch Classic Turbo ion Infrared. I have some pictures but i cant seem to find the right resistor. from what i can tell the colors are black,white,Gray/silver (not sure),Brown i think.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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Lets go with what you think

black,white,Gray/silver (not sure),Brown i think.

We go to start from the left

Brown =1


white = 9

black = 1 (that is the multiplier).

So that would give you a 189 ohm resistor

If the last one is brown instead of black the multiplier change to x10 thus 1890ohm

I’d go with a 200 ohm and see if it lasts. If that one goes up in smoke go with a 2k

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