DIMM A and B not working together

So basically the past week I was busy troubleshooting my Dell Inspiron 15-5559 after I upgraded my ram from 1x4 Gb to 1x4gb+1x8gb(12 Gb). But soon enough in the first post after putting in the rams I noticed that even though the bios shows my rams (4gb+8gb) in dual channel mode. The windows system uses only 1.9 GB and the rest is kept as hardware reserved rendering it useless. I closed my system test the DIMM slots individually with each of my 4 GB and 8 GB rams and it worked just fine in single channel. So I put both the ram inside again and ran the dell diagnostic service and it basically gave me the error code 2000-0122 and the description was memory limit exceeded on bank 0 DIMM A in which my 4 GB ram was placed. I did a bit of search here and there and probably it may be my motherboard’s fault. Should I give in and bring the laptop to Dell service center or there is something more I could do.

TL;DR- Rams won’t run in dual channel mode however work fine on each DIMM slot individually.

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