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Die vierte Generation des Surface Pro Tablets, erschienen am 26. Oktober 2015

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replace pro 4 screen with surface pro 5 lcd

can i buy surface pro 5 lcd and replace it on my surface pro 4 as my screen is flickering,

and what cable did i need to buy to connect pro 5 lcd to surface pro 4.

thank you

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I’ve heard that the first surface pro 4 screens shipped with a samsung display which eventually caused flickergate or something, so eventually microsoft replaced with an lg screen that became the same screen for the surface pro 5.

So the challenge people are having is purchasing a surface pro 4 screen that has challenges….

I want to get to the bottom of this as well. I’m not clear on what i need to buy, i just see the problems people are having with surface pro 4.


@sprout I have the same issue. I have a Surface Pro 4 with Samsung LCD Panel #: LTL123YL01-005. This screen has flickered in the past as well as fuzzed out. My screen is being replaced because it was cracked and the battery needs replacement as well. I am looking a the Surface Pro 5 Screen replacement option. There is a review posted in iFixit under Display purchases with these words " iFixit was *fantastic* about the whole situation, but I wanted to leave this review here because these Surface Pro 4 screens are just terrible. The better fix is to buy a Surface Pro 5 screen from iFixit and use a cable (Microsoft part number M1010537-003 - not available here) that retrofits Surface Pro 4 to the Surface Pro 5 LG screen properly. The Surface Pro 5 screens do not have the screen flicker issue, and given how absolutely horrible these devices are to open and repair, this isn't something you want to do more than once." I am trying learn a bit more but ready to to order parts.


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5min Break. No, it does not fit. Different wiring and cabling altogether. You will need a Pro 4 LCD to replace your broken Pro 4 dispaly

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ok i brought a replacement screen for pro4 but the connector is bigger than the socket on new screen so its still a problem if it has the pro5 plug then how do we solve the issue do i need to replace the pro 4 ribbon cable will that then give me a small plug and still fit at motherboard end too


Unfortunately your are wrong. Depending the model, you can change the pro 4 display with a pro 5. You only need an additional cable.


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I have just replaced my Surface Pro 4 screen with a Surface Pro 5 screen. Now the screen is finally working as it should.

I bought this cable on Amazon:


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How did you do that for display flex ribbon cable? SP5 display ribbon cable are 35 pins SP4 ribbon cable are 25 pins. how did you manage to connect them?



you must have a LG SP5 screen with the cable from Amazon to fit in your's SP4.



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