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Popular laptop sold by HP. While it comes in many configurations, all models of this laptop have the same basic form factor. The numbers after G60 indicate the factory specifications of the laptop and who sold it.

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My computer started smoking and no longer turns on, now what?

As I was putting the computer to sleep I noticed that it was smoking. The computer seemed to go to sleep fine but now will not turn on. I know the hard drive still works because I was able to use it in a friend's machine. Before the incident with the smoke the battery had become less reliable and the fan seemed like it made too much noise even when the computer was not in use. I tried getting a different charger (as customer support suggested) but that did not help.

From the research I have done I think I need a new powerboard or motherboard (I'm not sure if they are separate).

What are my options?

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smoke is bad


It's happened with all my HP computers, sorry to say, but you need to put it in your garden.


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After reading your question before I looked at the motherboard I would remove the battery and see if that makes any difference. I would also remove the upper panel and clean/check the fan.

I am including a link to HP support for you.


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Chances are you will need a new motherboard as it is the main component in a laptop. Unfortunately because everything is all in the same place within a laptop replacing the motherboard is short of replacing the computer. The cost to do so will be about the same as a new machine.

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1. Serious hardware failure has occurred and will need to be identified and replaced.

2. Access to your files and data is likely still possible.

#1. Dismantle and identify burnt component use ifixit guide to do this and replace component

#2. Recover Data while your computer is dead.

You will need: another functional computer, or a HDD to USB converter (ATA-USB,SATA-USB), or an external hard disk enclosure.


a. Remove hard drive from broken computer using ifixit guide

b. Put hard drive into another functional computer or attach to USB converter or put in external enclosure

c. The hard drive should become accessable now copy your data off of it.

#2.I: If your hard drive does not show up or an error message is displayed you may still be able to recover your data. In this scenario it is likely that your disk file system is damaged -> cannot be mounted or booted from.

a. Test Disk: can provide access to files on a drive that cannot be mounted. Also it can often detect and recover corrupt partition tables, and recovering boot sectors.


b. PhotoRec: comes with Test Disk, PhotoRec is used to recover data that has been deleted or is on a file system that is hopelessly corrupt. It looks at the raw 1's and 0's in sequence on the drive and attempts to find file type finger prints. A word of advice: customize the recovery parameters to match only a few specific filetypes you wish to recover. This process is prone to false positives - corrupt files and will not preserve filenames.

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