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Support for the third generation of Chrysler Town & Country spanning model years 1996-2000.

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Water leak in straight stream out of the timing cover

My van has a straight stream of coolant squirting out between the timng cover and motor how do I fix this thanks in advance

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What is the model year and engine size?


Model is a 2000 it has a 3.8 engine thanks


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Replace the timing cover gasket.

UPDATE 3/5/20

Here’s how to do it:


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I kinda knew that but how to do it I don't


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Check that the water pump is not leaking coolant.

Here’s a link to the service repair manual for your series vehicle.

Scroll down and click on the Cooling System link , pass the reCAPTCHA test and when the pdf file opens go to p.7-19 to find the procedure to inspect / replace the water pump for a 3.8L engine.

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