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Cant find the relay

My Vauxhall corsa d 2010 I put leds on back Indicators and now flashing fast been told to change the relay but I cant find it in the fuse box and help please

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Hi Joe,

Indicators usually blink at double-time if it detects that one bulb burned out. Led lights tend to draw far less power than bulbs, and this tricks the relay into thinking it’s trying to drive a burnt out bulb.

Instead of changing the relay, you might get away with adding a couple of resistors, one on each side of the circuit (in series). I’d presume it’s easier on the back lights than on the fronts to be honest.

Stores that sell the led lights also usually sell resistors for this same purpose as well. You might be able to get in touch with them and they might be able to help you with the exact part.

As far as your exact question is concerned, I’m afraid I’m not sure where you would find the relay and if swapping it for another one would help you with this issue at all.


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Thank you I have Resistors but with 3 pins on plug of it will try it but Ebay do sell anti filker relay to stop this too but still love to know where the relay is thank you for that


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Here’s a video that may be of some help.

It doesn’t state the year model of the vehicle, only the date when the video was uploaded. Perhaps you may be able to hear it clicking when you operate the turn indicators. Check if the sound is coming from around where it is shown in the video.

With the engine off hopefully you should be able to hear it clicking

Worth a listen and look perhaps if you can’t find it otherwise.

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Thanks but model year is before mine my fuse box is different mine is model D 2010 1.2 petrol this car is the model C but thanks anyway



Wondering if the relay is even in the fuse box.

In both my last 2 vehicles, not the same make as each other and admittedly not Vauxhall or Opel brand, the indicator relay was up under the dashboard and I only found it by listening for it clicking when the indicator lever was operated.

You may have to do this as well.

This is what they may look like. Apologies if you knew this already

Just a thought


@jayeff I am wondering if the Corsa D even has a relay. Remember that most manufacturers got away from using relays and started using the BCM/ECM to control the indicators etc. They just use some electro/mechanical relay to simulated the clicking noise. I do have a manual for it somewhere.....:-)


Hi @oldturkey03 ,

I was thinking along the same lines but thought that perhaps 2010 might have been a bit early for this to happen.

I have viewed manuals for later years model Corsa Ds that show the "indicator relay" in the wiring diagrams and show circuit symbols for coils, relay contacts and connection points and it is not shown in a "module" but as a separate component but it gave no indication as to the location of the relay.

Also the link I posted in the comment above shows replacement relay that are suitable for 2010 Corsa D which sort of confirms what the wiring diagrams show.

I do suspect that it is not in the fuse box as none of the owner manuals for the Corsa D mention the indicator relay at all in the fuse box list of relays

Hopefully you can find the manual.



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