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Modell A1990 / EMC 3359. Kam im Mai 2019 mit neuen 6-core oder 8-core Prozessoren heraus.

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MacBook Pro stuck in black screen with voice

MacBook Pro 15” stuck on black screen with voiceover saying on recovery assistant and no idea what to do. Only “esc” showing on touchbar

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It’s still under warranty. I’d call apple and report it. Since the stores are closed ask if a “Depot Repair” its available when you call 1800 MYAPPLE. I also always take out an extra two years of AppleCare coverage on any Mac I have issues with in the first year.

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Had the same problem 3 times.

It always happens when i let the Macbooks battery dry out with the screen at it’s minimum brightness level.


Use your phone’s flash light and put it close to your Macbooks screen, you’ll se that the screen is visible. Find your mouse around the screen, Click on the left top corner Apple Logo and simply restart your computer.

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save my life thanks a lottttttt


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